No wonder I couldn’t find anything on this guy. It’s CRAIG Parker, not Chris, as I just posted 2 articles ago.

Hello – love your site. I thought you might be interested in a bit of info I just saw on television.

It was an advertisement for an upcoming programme, and showed a snippet of an interview between the presenter (Alison Mau) and a well-known NZ actor, Craig Parker. He said on the snippet that he’s been cast as an elf in guess-which-movie (graphic of large, pointy ears emerging from his head).

Craig Parker has a short background listed on IMDb, but is a household name in NZ, having had a role in our most popular soap opera, as well as many other dramas. Internationally, he’d be relatively unknown apart from a part as a bartender in The Tommyknockers, which was filmed here some years ago. He is in his late 20s, lightly built with dark hair and blue eyes and a very nice speaking voice. He’s a good actor, so I can imagine any role he has to have at least a few lines.

Hope this is of interest,

Thank to Bonnie for the Tip!