This news story from Imraldis. This could very well be Weathertop, but here’s one theory: IF it is Weathertop, then they cannot be filming Gandalf there, so we will not see that in the film. a) because Ian Mckellen isn’t there, and won’t be there for another 2 and 1/2 months. b) They’d never set up a set for just the Hobbits + Aragorn, tear it down, and then rebuild it again in January for McKellen, you can’t do that. So that means that IF this is Weathertop, we will not see Gandalf’s lightening fight there, unless they use a stand in. Or Unless this isn’t Weathertop, but some other scene…

It appears that part of the film will be shot at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt, in the next couple of weeks. It appears to be a small battle scene, as they have bought in a number of trees which have been cut up to reflect lightning strikes. There are also a couple of large trees that have been mounted on pivorts, so they can fall after being hit by lightning.

I suspect it may be when the ringwraiths attacked Gandalf at Weathertop, thats the only occassion I can recall large pyrotechnics outdoors in the movie. If anyone has a digital camera you can pretty much just walk in and take some pictures. I was shooed off by a security man, but its a public park so there are no access issues at the moment.

He said it would all be gone in a couple of weeks, so I assume the filming will be taking place fairly soon.

Click here for some promotional info of the area.

I’m working on getting better pics.