You think the ladies in LOTR might not be able to shine on their own? Forget about it!

This months ‘Elle’ ( has our very own Uma Thurman on the cover, there is also an interview inside, no details yet on weither there is ant mention of LOTR, any of you Ringer Spies, get on it!

Meanwhile ‘Movieline’ (website down ATM) has a few mentions on the other fair ladies of LOTR. They have this ‘100 Best..’ article, where they chose the 100 best actors with certain qualities, our fair Cate Blanchett won for ‘Best Poise’.

And also in ‘Movieline’ or lovely Liv Tyler has a nod, they posted a small blurb about her preformance in ‘Plunkett & Mclaine’.

All in all you have to ask, where are the men?