Following this report from Garth over at DarkHorizon’s it might be a busy time for Cate. Garth speculates that she’s not confirmed in LOTR, but that press release tells me otherwise.

The Man Who Cried: Whether Cate Blanchett is onboard “The Lord of the Rings” or not is a matter of debate depending upon who you talk to (she’s been offered the role, but whether she’s accepted or not that’s another story). In any case she won’t start work on it soon with ‘The Age’ reporting that the actress is currently on a break from filming “The Man Who Cried” in Paris. Based on the Sally Potter novel and set during World War Two, the story follows a young German woman (Christina Ricci) who flees to Paris in the secret hope of getting to America. Johnny Depp, John Turturro and Blanchett are also a part of the cast. Shooting is expected to continue on the movie right up till the end of the year. Thanks to ‘LZ’