Recieved this today:

Please keep me anonymous here, but the actor who has been given his marching orders is Stuart Townsend. From the sound of it, they basically told him that he wasn’t what they wanted. And he’s been here for over 2 months!! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a political move due to perhaps getting a bigger name for the role…

This could be total bogus, but I thought you might like to know. is trying to confirm this, as well as the entire rumor about an actor leaving. More info coming soon


The Super Ringer Spy that sent me the report about someone leaving in the first place had this to say about the possibility of Townsend departing.

Good Morning, I have seen your report that it is Stuart Townsend (supposedly – X). I still haven’t seen any official news releases here though. But I think that would tie up with the shooting schedule, they must have pushed back the inside shooting of the Prancing Pony.

More to come.