LORD OF THE RINGS casting change: Stuart out, Viggo in?

Hey folks, Harry here. For the past three days I’ve been attempting to confirm the story that Stuart Townsend has left LORD OF THE RINGS and the part of Aragorn. I tried my best contacts on the project and have never heard back from them. However, I have had over 14 different folks from New Zealand and New Line tell me that he has left. Why did he leave… well that I can not say for certain. Depending upon who you talk to, you can hear that he just didn’t fit into the mix quite the way they wanted or Peter let him go due to studio pressure or what have ya. Ultimately, I don’t believe that is the important part. What is important is that we get our Aragorn/Strider part filled…. and right now according to long time AICN spy, The Ref, Viggo Mortensen has the offer sitting in front of him.

Now having seen Viggo in everything from GI JANE, A PERFECT MURDER, PORTRAIT OF A LADY and VANISHING POINT…. well… I like him. He’s also quite a bit older than Stuart and a bit gruffier looking to my eye. I like this casting and think this all might work out for the best here.

Now as far as I know, Viggo has not yet signed, but the offer is allegedly there. Keep your fingers crossed, I believe he’ll make a great Aragorn.

More info from me comming soon.

p.s. Sorry Pypesmoke