In an ongoing attempt to keep you up to date with everything the confirmed cast is up to. I have this tidbit.

From TOMORROW’S People, a small blurb concerning Liv Tyler’s latest flick, ‘One Night at McCool’s’.

Fast Takes: The film editors of ‘One Night at McCool’s’, a dark comedy starring Liv Tyler, got a laugh while looking at the dailies. At one point during a lust scene with Paul Reiser, Tyler, as a dominatrix, was supposed to hit a pillow with her whip. She missed the pillow but not Reiser, who yelped very believably.

That is hilarious, Paul, I hope you’re feeling better. I remember Liv telling this tale to Leno when she was on last week.

If is obscure, and no one else has it? We certainly will! Do you have something about the confirmed cast? Send it to me!

Thanks to Tinuviel for the tip!