The Dominion in Wellington reported today on the first dayÕs filming, which started up in the Town Belt on Mt. Victoria, in Wellington. Early morning strollers found them setting up on their walkways, with port-a-lounges, port-a-loos and tents; a few macrocarpa branches had to be cut to make room. Most people were happy enough to travel around the scene, though one woman complained, saying it was like a circus.

Film publicist Claire Raskind did not see any problems apart from in the immediate surrounds to the filming, and Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean asked for the publicÕs patience for the next five days around the tracks where filming was taking place.

ÔWe would hope that people would realise that this is a very big deal,” he said. “If we do this right, there is every chance of more (film) work for Wellington. If a security guard asks someone not to interrupt filming, I would hope they would understand.”

He went on to add that the damaged macrocarpas were not protected trees, and could be expected to recover.

“We have to give them a certain leeway in easing their passage.”