At least in NZ, it’s 4:41 am, Monday October 11 Down there. As you all know filming is set to start today. And I’m filled with giddy childlike excitement along with the rest of you!

What will happen in the course of these 18 months? Will there be problems on the set? Will the media turn its collective back and start calling this project ‘ill fated’? Will production run over budget? Or hopefully, will production move along at an incredible pace? Will there be such harmony on the set that filming ‘The Hobbit’ will not only be an eventuality, but a reality?

This is now the time when all details move from LA, NY, and the UK to New Zealand. All sound bites, interviews, photos and news bits will eventualy be coming from there. That is why we added a little ‘weather updater’, for those of us who aren’t from NZ, it’ll at least make you have some sense of ‘being’ there.

This is now the time for our NZ friends to come into action. With production starting, the ‘cat’ will be out of the bag, so to speak, somewhere someone is going to see something, and we here at want to know about it. Send it along in an email, if you come up with the goods on a regular basis, we’ll give you free access to post any of your news in our Spy Reports.

So here we go, 18 months of filming, almost the same amount of time editing. is in it for the long haul (I’ve got a comfy computer chair) I hope you all enjoy the expierence.

Xoanon & Team