My Contact has slipped me yet another bit ‘o script from the Arwen auditions!

You hardcore Tolkien fans are certainly going to like this. The sequence follows the first meeting of Arwen and Aragorn. Aragorn mistakes her for Luthien, an immortal lady who chooses to become mortal for the love of a man.

The interesting bit is, this isn’t really mentioned in the Trilogy, but in Appendix A part V, someone has done their homework!

The rest of the scene is a rather nice meeting of these two characters.

The meeting takes place in Rivendell, and Aragorn is surprised to learn she is a child of the Eldar.


I’ve already lived in this world so long that to me, you’re but a yearling shoot next to a tree of many summers.



I know it. I am mortal, and you are Elf kind.