While I cannot post it up, due to the fragile nature I recieved this info. But I will summerize what I have read from Arwens’ Audition Script.

While it was only a very short scene, (most audition scripts are) it deals with Arwen and Aragron. They are about to enter battle, and Aragorn does not want Arwen to fight.

She surprizes him by pulling back her hood to reveal who she is, he tells her:

This is madness! Your immortality will not save you from an Orc blade.

They argue abour her staying, Aragorn tells her that this place will be filled with Orcs in an hour.

Arwen claims:

I have lived through worse.

While I have read many audition scripts, I find that the actual text changes when I finally see it on the screen. This script did not surprise me, we’ve all heard about ‘Arwen: Warrior Princes’, I’m hoping Liv Tyler can hold back on the killcrazy blood and guts that everyone is worried about.