What can only be described as the most annoying rumor in the unvierse has reared it’s ugly head again. Is Sean Connery in NZ? Sean, buddy, listen to me, if you are in NZ drop me a line ok? 514.947.5221 ok? Just do it! Just say ‘yesh’ or ‘no’ and that’s it ok?

From the cool dudes over at CHUD

From ‘Ash’:

“I can 100% guarantee that Sean Connery was in New Zealand as I followed him around the shopping mall. I first heard rumors that he was in the area when a friend reported that he had been seen in a Cafe near where Peter Jackson’s headquarters are based in Miramar, Wellington. Anyway walking through North City Plaza in Porirua City, Wellington, New Zealand I spot this gentlemen dressed as a Arab Shiek two body guards in front, two to the side and two behind. I decide to follow and find out more. On entering a bookshop the said fake Arab lifts his head dress away from his face and in a voice that only a deaf person wouldn’t recognise asks for todays paper. God I wish i had a camera. So any of those rumors about Sean being in New Zealand can be given a big tick of true.”

So is Connery narrating the films? Is he playing Witchking? Is he just on vacation and dressing up

like an Arab for pleasure? Only time will tell, but he is in the country and his agent must have reason to deceive, unless he really didn’t know where his client was. The Sean Connery rumor mill begins to turn yet again.

Brian @ CHUD