Xoanon here,

The cool dudes at SFX have sent me the latest issue of their movie mag. In it Christopher Lee (Saruman) speaks about his role in the Trilogy.

I’ve always said since first reading the three books, and I’ve always felt this, that I was born to be in it. And now I can say I am! I’m very happy. And Saruman, he’s the head wizard. An enormously important role. Saruman goes over to the enemy, he’s a Valar, an immortal, and if he’d have remained benevolent it would have been a very different story’

Lee also coments on the script,

‘Well, I’ve only read the first one. But they’ve done a splendid job, to condense this colossal epic, as big as The Odyssey or The Illiad, to the point where you can make it and present it to the public. I think a very large number of people are very excited, because, like Gormenghast (A TV project he is working on), they said it couldn’t be done. All praise to Peter Jackson. Now it will be done’

To read the rest of the article, in which Lee talks of his role in Gormenghast, get the latest issue of SFX!

SFX Magazine, November 1999