Well, not just yet, while the entire 400+ crew list is right before my eyes, it will take time to type it all down. But here is a sneek peek at a few key jobs that are of some interest!

1st Assistant Director – Caro Cunningham

Previously worked on ‘No Escape’

2nd Assistant Director – Guy Campbell

Prevously worked on ‘Moby Dick’

3rd Assistant Director – Jo Pearse

Director of Photography (Cameraman) Andrew Lensnie

Previously worked on ‘The Delinquents’, ‘Babe’, ‘Two if by Sea’, ‘Babe: Pig in the City’


As I get more of this stuff down on the computer, I keep stumbling opon some jobs I’d DIE for!

Horsemaster – Harley Young

Horse Wrangler/Falling Horse Stunt Person – Adam Slade

Location Scouts – Dave Comer, Brian Pratt

Make up Designer – Peter Owen

Previously Worked on ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ ‘The Birdcage’

Chief make-up – Jose Perez

Physical Effects Supervisor – Steve Ingram

On Set Physical FX Co-Ordinator – Richie Cordobes, Blair Foord

Physical FX Technicians –Darryl Richards, Dave Booth, Dean Powell, Geoff Curtis, John Mowat, Carl Chisolm, Peter Zivkovic, Scott Harens, Steven Norfolk, Warick Yin

There is so much more (400+ names) all the names, plus their bios (thanks to IMDB) will be online shortly!