Starlit Jewel

Xoanon here,

Well, I learned this news a while ago, but didn’t think there was a need to post it up. Then I started getting a million letters from you guys saying how disheartening it was to hear about the death of Marion Zimmer Bradley, So here we go.

On September 25, Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of ‘THE MISTS OF AVALON’ died of a heart attack. While I have never read her books, I’m told they are one of the greatest works of modern fantasy.

I recently discovered that she had plans to release an album of LOTR songs called ‘The Starlit Jewel’. The company involved ‘Flowinglass Music’ recently sent me some info regarding the album.

Some of the artists involved are:

Margaret Davis, Kristoph Klover and Deirdre McCarthy.

Songs included will be:

Elvish Lullabye – Hobbit: ch. 19

Song of the Eldar in Exile- Bk. I: ch. 3

Hobbit Walking Song – Hobbit: ch. 19

Merry Old Inn – Bk. I: ch. 9

Children’s Song From Dale – Hobbit: ch. 10

In Western Lands – Bk. VI: ch. 1

Galadriel’s Lament – Bk. II: ch. 8

Troll Song – Bk. I: ch. 12

Lament for Boromir – Bk. III: ch. 1

Bath Song – Bk. I: ch. 5

In Durin’s Day – Bk. II: ch. 4

Lay of Nimrodel – Bk. II: ch. 6

When Spring Unfolds – Bk. III: ch. 4

Visit the Flowing Glass Web Site.