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Archive for October, 1999

The Bastards Have Landed!!!

Just in case you didn’t check in this Halloween weekend, here is what happened:

The Offical Peter Jackson Fan Club

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News from Alvie

Our good friend Alvie has been away on a lengthy vacation for a couple of weeks now… Since I knew we would go through “Alvie Withdrawal,” I asked him to send me a post card while he was gone. In fact, I have received TWO postcards, one from Wyoming, and the other from Vancouver, B.C. (mailed in San Diego of all places! That Alvie is really getting around!) He is headed to Las Vegas next but should be back in the next week or two. I’ll keep you posted on his whereabouts as I hear from him.

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The Rumour that Refused to Die.

Yep, Sean’s back. I swear he’ll be the Elvis of the next millenium: people will claim to see him everywhere even after he’s dead. Here’s the latest Connery-involved-with-LOTR rumour, and it’s a really cool one:

“…But here’s something else for you to mull over. I just got hold of it today. I got it from a UK TV Guide called “TV Quick”. One section is called ‘The Goss'(as in gossip) and has an interesting titbit about Sean Connery. Here it is word for word…

“Sean Connery could be joining an impressive cast in the new movie version of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Alongside Cate Blanchett, Sir Ian McKellen and Sean Bean, Connery could end up playing Witch King, the leader of a band of undead henchmen. It would be his most villainous role yet – but then, he’s always had a licence to thrill.”

That tid-bit came from STEVE H, many thanks.

Posted in Old Spy Reports

More on Tree Pulling and Dark Riders

Nikki has sent some great news stuff about the goings on in her back yard. Check it out in The Spy Reports.

!!Minor Spoiler Warning!!

Posted in Old Main News

More on Tree Pulling

More from Nikki

Here is really all i know, For three nights they were filming pretty much the same scene over and over again. It was only supposed to be a two night shooting but i think they had some trouble in the first night so they ran behind. I haven’t read any of the books so i will try to describe what was happening the best i can. There are two trees in the middle of a clearing that is surrounded by more trees and bush, there were at least half a dozen small artificial fires scattered around the around, some of which were actually set on fire during the shooting. The basic plot of the scene from what i can tell was that there were two groups of about half a dozen creatures, all with masks on that had elfish features and long hair, trying to pull these two trees down. This is what i think the problem was as on the first night no trees came down and on the second night only one tree came down. Also while this was going on there were about a dozen more creatures, that wore black and didn’t seem to be as made up as the rest, with firey torches running from behind the action between the trees and around the clearing. These creatures were different to the others that were trying to pull down the trees. In front of the trees there were about another dozen creatures, some with awesome make-up on, fighting with axes. When they were rehursing it seemed that after the trees were down these creatures started fighting as well. The only lines that i could hear was the “one, two, three, heave….” coming from the groups trying to pull the trees down. The rest of the time the others were just yelling and screaming. During the final take the rain was over the set again and the smoke machine was back on so it was quite misty and had a really great atmosphere. The lights were on it again which made me wonder if it was supposed to be day despite the fact it was filmed at night.

More filming may go on in that area as there are still tents down there, 2 days after filming started. There are also rumors that there will be a shoot with the hooded horseman here and maybe the forest passageway to the castle. There is a quarry in Wellington that is being rumored to set the scene for some other shoot but i don’t know what yet. All i know is that when the shoot is on, the security guards are everywhere. The must love throwing people like me out.

I will keep in touch, and write back when i have more news.

Posted in Old Spy Reports

More on Wojciech Kilar in ‘Ninth Gate’

I’ve been looking for some sound bytes for you folks. I have gotten a bunch of emails telling me that the ‘Dracula’ Soundtrack is on CDNow. I however cannot find it.

But you can always check out the official site for the creepy Roman Polanski film ‘The Ninth Gate’. If you can go through the ‘Flash’ version. During the flash intro there is some music that is no doubts Wojciech Kilar’s work.

Posted in Old Main News

Bean Looking Boromirish?

From Nona

Sean Bean (Boromir) has a 4-part tv drama coming up on ITV in the UK starting November 11th. It’s called Extremely Dangerous. Just got some new images of Sean from Extremely Dangerous, and I thought you might like to have this one – perhaps it’s closer to the way Sean might look as Boromir?

Posted in Old Main News

More on that Norwegian Article

Another Norwegian Ringer Spy Tormod sent me other sections of the article which were missed:

I saw that you had some stuff from a Norwegian newspaper, so I translated most of the part about lotr. I’t seemed like you didn’t have a direct translation.

DAGBLADET: Why do you think it (lotr) still appeals to people?

ETHAN HAWKE: I read it over again last year, before I knew about the film project. It’s one of the worlds greatest books.

D: Shall your wife also be a part of the movies?

EH: I don’t know. I know that there have been rumors and that she has spoken to the producers. But we are skeptical about working together.

D: Why?

EH: It’s rely not us working together that’s the problem. The problem is that it will be marketed in a bad way. They are going to try to sell the film on a basis of our marriage.

Hrm, looks like maybe Uma is having her doubts..

Thanks to Tormod for the tip!

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Media Watch: Io Donna

On Saturday, 30th October 1999, in “Io Donna”, a weekly magazine sold on Saturdays along with the popular newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” (about 1 million copies), the films were mentioned in an article entitled “Business in rete” (meaning “Business on the Web”) written by Fabiana Giacomotti. It talks about the website and the films. Sorry, the link provided in the article does not exist.

Thanks to Italian Ringer Alberto for the tip!

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Ethan and Uma News

Norwegian Ringer Spy Martin send the latest on Ethan and Uma:

From the newspaper DAGBLADET ( The interviewer is Eirik W Alver. It was in the “FREDAG” section of the Friday edition. He is interviewing Ethan Hawke.

Dagbladet: There have been rumors about you appearing in the upcoming ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies?

Ethan: It’s no longer a rumor.

D: What role will you be playing?

EH: I will be Faramir, the brother of Boromir, in the third film. ‘The Lord of the Rings’ happens to be one of my favorite books.

There’s something about Uma Thurman’s involvement in there as well.. Basically he says he doesn’t know, but

she’s talked to the producers.. They’re a bit hesitant to work with each other, he says.

Hope it helps you out.

You can check out the article yourself click here.

Thanks to Martin for the tip!

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From: Ryan

Yesterday I had the chance to talk to Dr.Tom Shippey who is involved in the Lord of the Rings production. Although he could not tell me anything I didn’t already know he told me that he was involved in the project to make sure that everything will be pronounced the way Tolkien had in mind. You guys probably already knew this but I thought this was interesting as it is another way PJ is staying true to Tolkien.

I like the attention to detail…

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Another Halloween Birthday

Halloween marks the birthday of something other than Peter Jackson, though aniversary is possibly a better term. Today is the birthday of the Nightmare LPMud. On the Nightmare LPMud is where I met Calisuri, where some of the original planning for occured, and some of the early virtual meetings took place there.

The Nightmare LPMud can be reached by telneting to 1701. You can read more about the Nightmare LPMud and muds in general here.

Now as a side note, if you are interested in finding out what Nightmare is like normally wait until Monday. Halloween has long had a special significance on Nightmare.

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