This is a very heavy RUMOR! Of all the people I’ve spoken to time to time Sean Connery’s name seems to pop up.

I’ve seen him here, I’ve seen him there.

But now, this

From: Keef & Kaz

My wifes boss was on the set on Tuesday night. The set is not ready for filming to begin, so they are starting the shoot in the south Island. While she was on the set she met Sean Connery, who is apparently the narrator. he is leaving new zealand today. The set location is being kept secret and all road signs in the area have been removed so people cant find the place. thats about all I have for now.

When I asked if he was sure it was Connery:

Thats what my wifes boss told us. They/he/she met him and had quiet a conversation with him.

Could this be true? Sean as narrator? It is to be noted that did place a call a while back and was told that Sean is not involved with this film at all. Could things have changed?