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Bree Location?

September 28, 1999 at 3:13 pm by Tehanu  - 

>> I’m probably really late with this, but I thought I might add that the

>> front page of the Wellington newspaper ‘The Evening Post’

>> ( ran a picture and an article along the lines of the TV1

>> article – unfortunately not on their website though. Interestingly, it


>> mentioned that the role of Ted Sandyman has gone to Bryan Sargent, the

>> first Kiwi actor to have been cast so far (you can see him in

>> ‘Braindead’/’Dead Alive’ and he provided a voice in the NZ animated movie

>> ‘Footrot Flats: the Dog’s xTailx Tale’.

>> This is pretty good for the EP, who have generally been pretty behind on



>> I saw Bree yesterday and it looked awesome. The set is wooden, extended

>> onto old 2-storeyed army barracks (the site is a decomissioned fort in

>> Seatoun) – about 30-40 metres long, basically forming a graded alleyway or

>> small section of street with ‘frontages on either side. Shingled roofs,

>> small windows, an arched doorway which looks to actually lead into the


>> entrance of the building behind it, and some steps leading up to this. No

>> signage though. The odd thing is that there are residential houses next

>> door and a public walking track overlooking this (the set is at the foot


>> a hill), so for the moment it’s been quite easy to get a look at what’s

>> going on there – I imagine this will be closed pretty soon though!


This snippet sent in by alert spy Mortimus.

Posted in Old Spy Reports on September 28, 1999 by

Thranduil Statue

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