Greetings, Quickbeam here.

“No rest for the wicked,” they say, and no rest for us at the Green Books! Reader response has been remarkable. Indeed, our premiere Stump the Staff item stirred up a lot of feedback. Recall the perplexing riddle of Gandalf’s note: “Do Not Use It Again“? Well, some of your alternate answers were quite compelling; see the updates here.

Over in Questions & Answers, I have learned my lesson about being too hasty… and nobody is going to let me get away with an incomplete answer! We have posted some great follow-up here.

Also: fresh from the inkwells of YOU, the Fans, we have over a dozen new poems & stories in “Moon Letters.” We have a broad international audience here at™, as evidenced by the myriad submissions we receive from around the world.

Check out an extraordinary piece by Eledhwen, “Master Samwise’s Last Journey” and enjoy a “Guided Tour” of famous battlefields with Salvador Busquets (tip of the hat to Sal for his work, especially since English is NOT his first language!). Follow the ongoing adventures of Gasgaroth the Smithee in our serial, “The Dead Ringer Cometh” see Chapter III here.

Lastly, I’m thrilled that my kindred spirit, Mia, is now contributing her terrific illustrations to™! Her work is whimsical and lovely; you can see her stuff in the Fan Art Section here. And check out the *whacky* Gandalf Coin Bank she drew for me! Maybe one day I can make her my Entwife (oops, did I let that slip?).

Much too hasty,


P.S. You’d better pull out all your old Tolkien volumes for the upcoming Brain Bender Contest! It’s going to be super-tough, I promise, but the prizes are excellent. 🙂