Ecthelion has checked in with his review of Oxenmoot. Oxenmoot is a yearly meeting by the Tolkien society (U.K.). It was held in Oxford at professor Tolkiens old college Exeter.

The full report will be up shortly, but here is a small snippet for your salivating pleaseure!

At 12 miss Priscilla Tolkien had a reception, with food and drink,in the main hall. This is of course very much appriciated since it gives everyone a chance to greet the proffesors lovely and indeed very hospitable daughter. In the afternoon it continued with a concert by the “Tolkien Ensemble” from Denmark who performed work from their new cd: A Night in Rivendell. If you do like this kind of music i can really recomend it! From there on it was varius forums, slideshows and workshops.

But if non of these things interests you, one is free to visit all (well not really all) the pubs you want or just take a tour of the really wonderful town of Oxford. From eight o clock the college pub opened and the main hall opened for a really Tolkienesque evening. There were music, singing and reading but most of all there was the costume-contest in which all sorts of costumes were entered. But as allways after making the pub-staff work for their money they closed. So we had to organize some after parties to keep up the good work.