Sir McKellen,

I am a french fan of Tolkien’s books and when the LOTR Movies were announced, I’ve been very happy. Hear that you will be in this project is for me THE gratification. You must know that i was sincerely impressed by your performance in Apt Pupil, ( Un élève doué in french ) and some others movies, like gods and monsters that I ‘ve seen in English.( That was difficult for me !)Therefore, I am not at all worried about the part of Gandalf the Grey in LOTR.

I ‘ve just one question : I want to know if the interpretation of Magneto can help or influence you to act the part of Gandalf ? Please, a answer will be great !

I’m very, very, very sorry for my english !



at the moment magneto and gandalf dont know each other – i shot apt pupil and gods and monsters back-to-back and those characters didnt seem to verlap

best wishes ian mckellen