Rumor has it that Uma is being looked over for Eowyn and not Galadriel as everyone thought. A ringer spy sent me this email correspondence he had with Michael Deluca, read on:

Dear Mr. DeLuca,

I know how busy you are, and how you’ve probably already gotten many e-mails on this subject but if you have even a second to send me any kind of response it would be infinately appreciated 🙂

As the subject says, I am e-mailing you about Uma for Galadriel and Ethan for Faramir.

Thanks for the support. We’re actually considering Uma for Eowyn, not Galadriel, but we don’t know if she’ll do it yet. We’re trying to get Cate Blanchett for Galadriel.

The Emailiac strikes again! Could this news be true? We shall see…

more news to come!