Who’s going to be playing the LOTR soundtrack? The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra might be putting some effort into getting that gig.

They were in town last night and I talked to some of the players. They said they recorded a half-hour demo soundtrack which was given to some Hollywood execs to take away and listen to.

“Whose music did you play?” I asked.

“Some guy from the States who’s settled in Christchurch.”

“Nah, Queenstown” said another player.

“Who, who who who who?” I said

“Carlin, I think” said one of the players. “He wants to do the LOTR soundtrack.”

“So, what was the music like?”

The general impression wasn’t too enthusiastic.

Oh well. I’ve never heard of the guy, so I’ve got no opinion. Maybe the orchestra will get a gig out of it, even if the composer doesn’t.