Contest Galore!

In the true nature of all Hobbits we here at are giving away presents on a birthday! We are very happy to announce 3 big contests with amazing cool prizes!

Stay tuned later today for a link to the contest page. But for now, check out the prizes we have for you!

5 Posters

Donated by

1 – Frodo and Sam with Gandalf and his HUGE sword

2 – Gandalf Frodo and Sam (Led Zep inspired)

3 – A collage of images from Tolkien (70’s style)

Additionally we have two Houghton Mifflin promotional posters entitled

‘J.R.R. Tolkien Countdown to the Millenium’

5 Books

Donated by Houghton Mifflin, The american distributor of Tolkien’s work.

1 – Lord of the Rings One Volume Edition in tradepaper ISBN: 0-395-97468-2

1 – The Hobbit tradepaper with new art cover ISBN: 0-618-00221-9

1 – The Fellowship of the Ring tradepaper new art cover ISBN: 0-618-00222-7

1 – The Two Towers tradepaper new art cover ISDN: 0-618-00223-5

1 – Roverandom tradepaper mangled cover ISBN: 0-395-96799-0

10 Action Figures

Donated by ToyVault (

2 Gandalf In Hobbiton

2 Forest Balrogs

2 Frodo Of the Shire

2 Ugluk in His Cave and

1 Gollum

1 Gimli