From: Terry

The american news show, ABC, maintains a news web site. One of the categories, entertainment, contained a story about the casting for the LotR and mentioned your site as the source of some of their information 🙂

The news last night contained an article about a medieval village being built in at a place called Seatown in Wellington. They builders would not acknowledge who they were building this for _but_ it was shrouded with the LotR veil of silence and there isn’t any other movie I know of that the set would be built for. So I’d bet my favourite two hobbits the set is for the LotR.

Thirdly, an even more obscure piece of information for you. An Auckland musical group, “The Auckland Wind Band”, are playing at the end of the month – 8pm, Thu 30th Sept, at the Pumphouse Theater in Takapuna. Their program includes movements from the LotR symphony – movements 1, 4 and 5. They’re also playing Jupiter from The Planets, Star Wars Pt 1 tunes.