Well Rivendell is just an example, but listen to what my good buddies at TheForce.net just handed over to me.

Is it possible for ILM to work on the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy and the mega sequel-prequel Episode II? We think this seems like too much to bite off at once, and it seems like the heads at ILM agree. The Tuesday Bagel Bandit checks in with this message:

Most everyone over at ILM says that currently they are not signed to work on Lord of the Rings and are also not actively bidding to get a piece of it. Seems it would be too huge a job to do especially considering that the schedule for LOTR runs concurrent with SW2.

Some of the current ILM projects include Rocky & Bullwinkle, Galaxy Quest, Space Cowboys, Sleepy Hollow, The Perfect Storm, and coming soon Mission to Mars and Episode II. Doing LOTR at this point would be possible, but HIGHLY unlikely.

So does anyone have any knowledge of this? Do any of you dudes at ILM come here? If you do, drop me a line! (I have a few ‘Han’s hand going through Jabba’ questions for you as well)