With a whole new attitude! Let’s get these NZ spies working! Here we go!

From KdL

I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA; www.sca.org).I’m told that one of our own smiths, a wonderful artisan who goes by the name Atar, did some of the swords for Jackson. If this is true, and I’ve no reason to doubt it, then these swords will _not_ be light or fragile. Atar has done exhaustive research into medieval swordmaking history and techniques, and his work is highly prized.

Here’s the interesting part – your readers might like to know that Atar sells his work online, at atar.com. I don’t know if he’ll make replicas of what he made for Jackson, but it’s possible…

From Paul

Concerning Elijah Wood:

Just thought I’d mention that a friend of mine saw him down at the Matterhorn (a bar/cafe) in Wellington last week.

From SC

See the cover story on The Magic of Harry Potter. The chart on page 71 says “A live film starts shooting next month”

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