Xoanon here,

Ethan Hawke

AICN is reporting that Ethan Hawke has stated himself that he will play Faramir, while this can be seen as the ultimate confirmation I stress to you that I spoke with his people just yesterday and it was still 50/50.

Still, read on:

You may have already heard this, but Ethan Hawke disclosed at the Toronto Film Festival that he will make an appearance in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to Mr. Thurman — who was sporting grotty fu manchu maxillofacial hair and a grotesque thrift-bought cowboy shirt — he will play Faramir, younger brother of Boromir, who by your reckoning will played by Sean Bean. Hawke went on to state his lifelong fondness for Tolkien’s work, his reverence for the material, etc. He also said that Tom Bombadil (sp?) will NOT appear in the first film, which you probably already know. Hope this is of use to you.

‘‘Doo-Ron Upchuck’’