This is straight from ‘The Sunday Mail’ in the UK:

Sean’s Bean cast as lord of the ring

By Chris Brandes

Sean Bean has landed a leading role in a new Hollywood epic based on Tolkien’s best-selling adventure Lord of the Rings.

The 40-year-old actor, who played the hard-hitting soldier Sharpe in the ITV series, will star as the warrior Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring, the first movie of the film trilogy.

Last night, a Hollywood insider said: “It’s a fantastic role for Sean. The three movies are expected to be huge box office hits.

“It’s quite a large role although the character will not be in the two sequels.”

Sean – whose rogue secret service agent Alec Trevelyan battled Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in GoldenEye – will appear alongside other British stars including Sir Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Ian Holm.

The insider added: “Executives have been after Sean for quite some time. They’re delighted he is finally on board for the project.”

Sean’s character Boromir is described as a “tall and handsome” lord – who joins the quest to destroy the evil Sauron.

He is initially tempted to possess the ring but redeems himself by saving his companions during battle.

Sean, last seen as real-life SAS man Andy McNab in a TV version of the book Bravo Two Zero, will start work on the movie in New Zealand next month.

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