We know what Merry looks like, but do we know what he’ll sound like? Tehanu gives us the goods on butter accents:

I did a long and boring trawl of the Net to find out anything I could on Dominic Monaghan, the Merry man.The best resource turned out to be the Hetty Wainthrop fan page, because Dominic stars in that show. It is a British TV series, and as far as I could gather Dominic is the teen sidekick to the redoubtable detective Hetty Wainthrop.There were lots of letters from teenage girls who reckon that Monaghan is the best young actor around, and they gush over how cute he is. I can’t argue with the latter, he sure looks cute.One happy person in Stockport said that she was amazed to find that Monaghan came from that same area and went to school at St. Annes’ RC school there.Stockport is near Manchester, so with any luck Merry will have a Northern accent you could butter your toast with.

Thanks! Tehanu