Want to know what LOTR is REALLY about? Just click over to ‘Suite101’. There is a great article by Michael Martinez.

Martinez goes really far back and tells all! A must read for all. A great essay on ‘The Rings of Power’ and the book to movie crossover.

What Can We Expect From the Upcoming Movies?

Well, this is a topic that will come up again and again as P-day (Premier Day — or maybe Peter Jackson Day) approaches. Let’s put aside all the media hype right now and concentrate on the real hype: fannish expectations. There are three sets of fans involved in the process of hyping the movies and they are not always easy to distinguish from each other. There is so much agonizing going on, as well as celebration, that sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is whomFirst there are the Tolkien fans. They seem to group themselves into the Fundamentalists and the Radicals. The Fundamentalists cry “No movies!” and the Radicals yell back “Jackson forever!” Well, okay, there’s a third camp between these two extremes: the Wait-an-seers. They were at one time the majority but I’m not so sure a majority exists any more…

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