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Archive for September, 1999

Another Soundtrack Myth

There’s been some wishful thinking around the Web that NZ band The Muttonbirds were going to be involved in the LOTR soundtrack. (Now, remember PJ saying he was tending towards using an orchestral score for the film?
I contacted The Muttonbirds’ manager and he said this:

‘yes i am the manager of the mutton birds i can tell you that neither don or the mutton birds or preparing music for peter jacksons movie of lotr’

Their manager is a Tolkien fan, I gather, and hastens to add that they wouldn’t turn it down if it was offered.

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Connery: ‘Just A Rumor’

Sean Connery in NZ? Not likely says his agent’s office. placed a call to Sean Connery’s representatives asking that exact question:

‘It’s just a rumor, he is nowhere near NZ’

When asked if they are talking

‘Not that I know of’

Can we finally put this rumor to rest?! I know it was us who first reported all these Sean Connery sightings again. But this seems to be a flat out ‘no’ to any of that 🙁

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More on this Digi Stuff

Told you I don’t know much about computers and the like. Super Ringer spy that I cannot even name for sake of his life! (but remember thoe bits of the script and Character breakdowns? this is the dude). He sent me some info regarding what will be done with LOTR after it’s in the can, take a gander:

Regarding the item about LOTR being shot digitally… The trilogy is being originated on film, shooting in what is called “Super 35”, a non-anamorphic method of capturing a widescreen image, by utilizing the entire width of the 35mm film frame from sprocket hole to sprocket hole, while cropping vertically to produce a 1:2.35 image ratio. All of James Cameron’s widescreen films have been shot in Super 35, for example.

I guess the confusion with the article came from the massive amount of footage that will be digitized and processed in the CG realm. However, production footage isn’t being shot on electronic digital cameras; as George Lucas is planning to do with the next installment of the “Star Wars” prequel (and as he semi-successfully experimented with for a single sequence in “Phantom Menace”, in the night time scene when Qui-Gon test Anakin’s blood for midiclorian content).

Even though 80 computer artists working sounds like a handful to manage, this is entirely routine on all contemporary major effects and animated films at the various effects houses and studios where they are produced(Pixar, ILM, Dream Quest, Dreamworks, Disney Animation, Digital Domain, Pacific Data Images, etc.) and Weta should do very well.

Cool tech stuff, thanks!

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Now What?

This, I cannot believe, but Ringer spy Paul C claims that he heard this on the local radio. I will place another call with Seans camp to clear this all up later today. For now, read this:

Further to the report from Keef and Kaz, I heard on local radio this morning (Radio Forth in Edinburgh) that Connery had signed to play the part of ‘Witchking'(?), the leader of a vast, evil, undead army. Whether this makes him the ghost king Aragorn subborns prior to the final battles I don’t know, but that was the report I heard this morning.

Confirmation or denial will be sorted out soon.

Do you have something to send me? See your name on the site! Click here to send me a scoop!

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WETA Closeup for Technophiles

You did know that LOTR will be shot digitally right? That means computers, bytes, memory, ever wonder where they’ll be storing all that stuff? Think your sad PC can to the trick?! Forget it! This is the future! Tehanu checks in with all the latest. This stuff goes over my head….

Click here to read it all.

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Connery: Narrator?

This is a very heavy RUMOR! Of all the people I’ve spoken to time to time Sean Connery’s name seems to pop up.

I’ve seen him here, I’ve seen him there.

But now, this

From: Keef & Kaz

My wifes boss was on the set on Tuesday night. The set is not ready for filming to begin, so they are starting the shoot in the south Island. While she was on the set she met Sean Connery, who is apparently the narrator. he is leaving new zealand today. The set location is being kept secret and all road signs in the area have been removed so people cant find the place. thats about all I have for now.

When I asked if he was sure it was Connery:

Thats what my wifes boss told us. They/he/she met him and had quiet a conversation with him.

Could this be true? Sean as narrator? It is to be noted that did place a call a while back and was told that Sean is not involved with this film at all. Could things have changed?

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Media Watch

Empire Mag

The latest issue of Empire Magazine (124) has a 2 page layout about LOTR.

While some information is wrong (Tim Spall. Sean Connery and Jude Law have NOT been cast) the information is generally accurate and thourough. Read on:

Late last year, Heavenly Creatures director Peter Jackson declared he was finally giving up on his long planned King Kong remake. Instead he would concentrate on a personal project that set the Internet Buzzing – live-action three-part adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings. Since the news broke, chat rooms and web sites have been deluged by thousands of posts from sci-fi and fantasy fans speculating as to how the New Zealand helmer would deal with the epic series.

Tolkien’s three novels – FOTR, TTT, ROTK – were published 1954-55 and first made into a single underachieving feature-length cartoon by Fritz The Cat creator Ralph Bakshi in 1978. Since then the classic tomes have long been considered too complex, too grand and too expensive to attempt in live-action form.

There’s also the novels’ huge and fanatical following around the globe – fans who are easily piqued and liable to revolt if they feel the history of Frodo Baggins, Sam, Gandalf and friends aren’t getting the lavish treatment they deserve. Perhaps filming a giant ape climbing up a skyscraper would have been a safer option.

Empire Mag Empire Mag

To read the rest of the article, go out and buy the latest copy of Empire Magazine today!

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McKellen News

Ian Mckellen has responded to a few more emails. Check this one out:

Hey there. I sent this email to Sir McKellen, and this is the reply he sent. Interesitng to know that he won’t be there until early next year.

Sir Ian McKellen,

I just wanted to wish you the best in your upcoming adventure as Gandalf in LOTR. I think you will do a great job. How long will it be before you get down to NZ and start filming with Peter Jackson? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you on the screen from Middle Earth.


dear peter

i will start in new zealand early january 2000 – more news in Grey Book on

best wishes ian mckellen

Thanks to Peter for the news!

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Full Oxenmoot Report

Ethelion’s full report from Oxenmoot, including his expierence at the gravesite of JRR Tolkien himself.

Read the full report here.

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MEO Voice

Since Sierra’s decision to ‘revamp’ MEO and KILL ORCS: Revenge of the Ancients. Websites have been popping up all over the place trying to save them.

One of the better ones is called MEO voice. Check it out.

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Book 2 Chapter 1

Thanks to the great work from our in-house artist Mia, Book 2 in the continuing ‘Xoanon Rants’ opens with some great depictions of ‘The Hall of Fire’. Check it out, along with my latest Rant.

Click here to read the Rant!

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Queenstown Casting! Updated

Calling all you NZers! Seeper just dropped me a line saying that there is a casting call on Sunday in Queenstown.

If you live around that area and are planning on going, drop us a line. And bring your camera!


Another bit of info from Seeper:

Apparently the extras casting in Queenstown is an invite only thing, they are taking the people they had selected from previous files for a final review… it’s strange as the guy on the radio gave details on what you had to wear etc yesterday but the people at 3 foot 6 limited did not advertise it at all…

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