Check the latest issue of Cinescape? (September/October ’99) Page 21 ‘’ article has a little note on Lord of the Rings and the official site.

Cinescape interviewed Gordon Paddison, New Line’s director of interactive publicity, this is what he had to say.

‘We wanted to (create) a place where we could start a dialogue with the fans. We didn’t want to slap something together that says “Go see the movie!”‘

Paddison also explains that the site will feature much more insights into the filmmaking process than other official sites.

‘We’re trying to setup something where we can be a conduit for official information without allowing the site to turn into a rumor mill’

Cinescape also reoports that a Lord of the Rings browser will be launched this fall, with the browser fans can access the latest news and events. As well as a video greeting from Peter Jackson!

Sounds like exciting things are afoot!