I recieved this email today from Xoanon,

I know for a fact (from a very reliable source in London) that Tolkien’s own grandson, Simon, and possibly his great grandson are to appear in the upcoming L.O.R film. Simon Tolkien has been in negotiations with the director and New Line for some time, and is the only Tolkien family member to offer any structural guidance and support for the films. It is his hope that with the films a new generation and audience will rediscover the books, and continue his grandfather’s legacy. Simon Tolkien is the estranged son of Christopher, and in participating with New Line and Peter he is actively defying his father, who remains uncooperative to the production.

Through the London source I can also confirm the casting of Sir Ian Mckellen, as well as Ben Affleck.

That last bit hit me like a ton of bricks! Ben Afleck?

Not to sure what to make of that.