Well I knew this would happen, the big M even told me about some nasty email messages. The truth is, the poor guy has been getting flack for the LOTR script review, that’s unfortunate because they were really excited about that review over at AICN… this is a section of his latest rant on Ain’t It Cool News:

Who am I to write of media responsibility? I mean, I recently heard a publicist describe Harry and I as “pirates and rabble-rousers.” I’ll tell you who I am to write of media responsibility… I’m someone who’s doing his best to define it for himself every day. Sometimes I think I get it right, and sometimes I
think I get it wrong. It’s never a giant thing in
either direction, though. It’s normally just a matter of degrees, and I try to take whatever lesson I can from each decision, each outcome. For example, I
think I would handle my review of the LORD OF THE
RINGS script differently if I wrote it today than I
did two weeks ago. I vehemently defend our right at
AICN to review material as it progresses from one
stage of development to the next. I think it teaches people about the way great films really happen —
fight after fight, each one a step forward or back in that drive to make something special. I think I would have probably revealed a few less details if I were writing the review again, leaving out certain things, hinting at more than I confirmed…

What is that expression?…’shooting the messenger’

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