Harry over at AICN had the chance to ask Ian Mckellen a few questions about his roles as Magneto and Gandalf.

H: Due to what I consider to be your amazingly convincing portrayals of some older characters in recent film, many fans feel that you are ‘not physical’ enough to play the roles of Magneto and Gandalf. In actuality you are quite younger than they perceive… With this little forum… How would you address their fears?

Ian: “Both Magneto and Gandalf are characters who must appear to possess some superhuman attributes and abilities. However, part of their charm is that each of them is also recognizably human. As for the physicality of these two icons, I am a little relieved that both movies will take advantage of the latest special effects technology. Throughout my career on stage I have enjoyed playing characters who are much stronger and athletic than I am offstage. As Romeo, which I played when I was 37, I climbed up and down the proscenium arch 8 times a week. Ten years later as Coriolanus, I fought hand-to-hand combat with shield and sword in a sand pit, semi-naked. Last year as Captain Hook I fought the actor playing Peter Pan (40 years my junior) and would have easily defeated him if he hadn’t called on a crocodile to support him. Meanwhile I had clambered up the rigging of the Jolly Roger 30 feet above the stage in high-heeled boots and a hook on my left hand. I’m very much looking forward to playing Magneto and a much older Gandalf.”

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