Xoanon passed this letter on to me. He says it isn’t news but more of a personal thing. So I’m posting it here. Mr. Jackson if you are reading this now, an old friend wishes to say ‘hi’ and maybe contact you. Read here:

I…read on one web site that Peter Jackson first read the books on a business trip to Auckland, and that he got interested because a kid he went to school with was often seen reading LOTR. I was the kid he was referring to… we went to school together and were

good mates (if you have difficulty believing that, ask him if he still has the tarantula he made out of his own hair and put in Miss ____’s top drawer). By the time I was 15, I had read LOTR 18 times (first time at 10 yrs old).

I suppose that I am, in a “round about” way,responsible for his interest in the books. I am really pleased to have known him. I would like to get in contact with him again, but I’m afraid that I would appear to be “toadying”. I really just want to let him know how glad I am for him.

This friend of Peter Jackson wished that he could get in touch with him, I do not wish to give out his email because he might get flooded with false claims, so, instead if you are rading this Mr. Jackson and are interested in contacting Stewart C. pls email me and I can get you into contact with him (that’s why I left out the teacher’s name, if anyone would know, it would be Mr. Jackson)

Here’s hoping an old friend and fan can get his wish fulfilled.