Thanks to ‘Jincey’ Chatroom Queen, for the idea!

With all the new travelers along the byways of middle earth, Barliman Butterbur has opened another establishment here at™ for all fair peoples, both big and little folk. Though many have patronized this wonderful inn since its opening, Barli feels a new name is in order for this particular tavern.

Barli, knowing the passions of his regulars, feels it would be appropriate for them to choose a new name. Thus, he has asked the staff of™ to devise a method of doing so.

And so, it is with great pleasure, we announce a space for write-in suggestions to name our tavern. We ask that your suggestion be of Hobbitish or Breeish origin. At the end of the week, all qualified suggestions will be posted for voting. The new name will be announced as soon as the votes are tallied.

Barliman and™ staff know this will be a challenge to all, and so they would like to offer a prize for the winning entry. A ‘Ringer’ suggested a brand new™ T-shirt, and this was roundly applauded by Barli and the staff.

So everybody! Don your thinking caps,and let the contest begin!