Greetings all: this is Quickbeam of the GreenBooks section.

This morning as I surfed through the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) I found something that was so surreal I had to share it with all of you. Their listing for the Rankin/Bass TV movie “Return of the King (1979)” shows something that is certainly somebody’s idea of a sick joke. The VHS cover they display is NOT the same as the poorly received animated feature. Instead, they have this wacky image from some comedy about Elvis Presley! Get it, return of the KING? Ugh! what a hoot.

Anyway, please don’t write the IMDb folks to tell them…. they already know, believe me, and will correct it in about a week. But while it’s still up just browse over there and see. It’s worth a laugh.

As hasty as an Ent can be,