Xoanon here with 3 reports from Cinescape

Law Not Up For ‘Rings’

Despite months of rumors indicating such is the
case, Gattaca standout Jude Law is apparently
not up for a role in New Line Cinema’s Lord of the Rings movies. When asked about the possibility of the actor playing in Rings, his representatives informed the Insider that “there’s been no talk of that,” denying both rumors that the thesp might play Legolas in the films or that he might team up with wife Sadie Frost for the characters Faramir and Galadriel.

Hopkins, Lewis Pass On ‘Rings’

You can cross Anthony Hopkins and Daniel Day
Lewis off the checklist of potential actors for the
Lord of the Rings trilogy. Michael De Luca of New Line Cinema commented to Rings fans that “Daniel Day Lewis passed, unfortunately. So did Anthony Hopkins. The problem with the name actors is that it’s a 14 month shoot, with no time for them to do other films in between. This leads you into more unknown actors.”

Combs Not Joining ‘Rings’

Reports that actor Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) has been cast as Grimah Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings movies are “absolutely 100% untrue,” according to a representative for the actor. While Combs was in fact up for the role at one point, he will not be playing the part, I was informed. As previously reported Combs will be seen this October in Dark Castle’s remake of The House on Haunted Hill, starring Geoffrey Rush.