Xoanon here with something AICN is reporting. Apparently Michael Deluca, big cheese (in the nicest way Michael!) at New Line Cinema said this on Harry’s Talkback.

“Wow! Fans really hate studios don’t they. Look, the bottom line is no one is cast yet beyond who’s been announced. Peter’s passionate about one particular unknown for Aragorn, and he’s in the midst of convincing us. We’re still waiting on a great choice for Gandalf, and there’s a certain husband and wife team for Faramir and Galadriel that looks like it might work. Believe me, no one is trying to frustrate the fans, it’s just that the p.r. people are trying to engineer the biggest announcement possible. Trust us, and anytime someone wants to e-mail me directly, feel free for undercover answers. It’s michael_deluca@newline.com ”

Like I always say great things are afoot!