After a couple weeks of restructuring, we have finally accomplished our goal. Welcome to the new and improved! While not all the changes are obvious, there are some major updates, new areas and a new site! Everything has changed in some way, but here are a few notables:

Cast Page – Check out small biographies on the confirmed cast members

Release Dates – Self explanatory..:)

Spy Reports – We’ve revamped this section to eliminate any confusion bwt facts and rumors. Here you will find unconfirmed reports for our spies all over the world.

Features Page – Now Xoanon’s Rants and Tehanu’s Notes are in one section. BTW, Chapters 7 and 8 of the Rants are up, as well as Tehanu’s new note: Tad Episode – This is YOUR page. We want as much feedback on sections to add, features you want, and anything your heart desires. So put those thinking caps on!

Archives Page – Looking for past articles? You’ll find both news archives and spy reports archives in this section[TM] info Pages – Links to other sites, mailing lists, advertising info, faq, advanced searching, and how to contact us.

We took all those suggestions you folks gave us a few weeks ago and acted on them. Lets keep this the best Tolkien/Lord of the Rings site out there. With your help and feedback, we can!

Thanks to R. Fletcher for this weeks poll, and have a great week everyone!