Xoanon here,

Just recieved this news. I’ll be calling some people and checking this out.

…the movies will be released later than previously announced. That means: Fellowship in Summer 2001, Towers in Winter of 2001, and King in Summer 2002.

I will get this confirmed soon.

A report from Cinescape
and I can’t stop laughing!

Fresh off his success as Mini-Me in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Verne Troyer could be considered the “it” little person. So what film roles may be in his future? How about the possibility of playing in Lord of the Rings (and do note the word “possibility”, people)? Last night in a chat hosted by Dave Poland of Roughcut, Troyer was asked whether he will take part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His answer: “Actually, we were approached and ….. maybe.” The Insider is not sure what sort of role Troyer might play since normal-sized actors will be miniaturized by thewonders of computer effects to play the trilogy’s hobbits and dwarves. Then again, one never knows whether Peter Jackson will deviate from that casting strategy in a few cases.