Xoanon here,

John F. has sent me some great concept art and a small bio of Platus and thier Middle-earth plans. These pics are very early stage concept art for thier video game. The First is the company logo, most likely what you’ll see when the game starts. The next two are simply some pre titles and concept art. Thanks John F!

“As you probably already know, Platus Productions is developing “The Trilogy” based on the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. We wished to capture Tolkien’s image and put it in our own RPG. With different features and quests, we think you’ll enjoy the game, as much as we did making it. The game itself is 2d with 3d traights..

…If you are familiar with Tolkien’s books you are going to be our toughest critic. While this is one of the largest Tolkien games created, we can’t fit in every place in Middle Earth into this game. At the same time, we didn’t want to clone Tolkien’s World directly into the game and have everyone who knows the book be ble to easily solve the game.

You’ll find plenty of new encounters, new characters, and even a plot twist or two, that aren’t included in Tolkien’s epic fantasy. The reason that we did this was not to ‘improve’ Tolkien’s work (this would be extremely arrogant and stupid of us to say), but to challenege the computer player who is familiar with Tolkien’s work. Expect to be surprised.

For those of you who know who JRR Tolkien is, you’ll recognize the friendly world of Middle Earth, in this compacted and challenging Role Playing Game. Follow Bilbo to Rivendell onhis conquest for the ring, or battle the forces of Mordor in deep contact, for the ring, and you ‘the player’ will become the Lord of the Rings.”

-John F.