Xoanon here with a few tidbits,

My buddy Joram picked up a few interesting bits of news:

LOTR/Hobbit Computer Game

‘Wynn’ from Platus Productions is a graphic artist for the upcoming computer game, he sent in the following:

I’m mailing you to tell you of a new game that will based on The Hobbit,and the Lord of the Rings – The Trilogy.

Develped by Platus Productions, (Freestyle, gaming designers) it will be RPG based, and will conduct a lot of effort to get things straight. Right now were in beta stage 4, and will be going up to at least six. Our site is under construction, so look for an update with that, and a few screenshots.

Now, I would have to tell you that this isn’t a 3d adventure, but somewhat 3d traights similiar to Final Fantasy 3. Next of all, we will be looking for some beta testers, for Beta 4.1, there will be a sign-up application and an FAQ when we finish our site.

The Trilogy we have cinimatic lighting effects and shading.. character designs and graphics are all original. There will be a battle system that’s turned based, weapons can have magic traights and they will show up on your character during battle.

There will be cinimatic scene’s like the destroyal smaug with quite a large effect that will take place.. which means extra time on our side ;). The land will be HUGE.. you may spend 1-3 hours in Hobbiton itself.. doing quests and getting different things before you set out for your journey. The first part is actually the Hobbit, we will be doing the Lord of the Rings with the Hobbit, under the same name, but as a separate game. There will be great music and will be keeping the very same story-line you all adore, but adding a bit more too it.. like quests and different areas.

We will have more information in the future.

AICN Gives a little Away…

Harry over at Ain’t It Cool had this to say on LOTR

Orcs – The Orcs and Uruk-hai are going to be the scariest creatures seen on film! Our perception of how we see the orcs will be changed in such a drastic measure, so disturbing, that even Harry says he still has bad dreams about them!

Composer – The composer has not yet been found, so you’ll have to keep watch for this. Keep on speculating though, you never know who may be watching your suggestions.

Costumes and Props – Utterly amazing work, a return to just plain kickass prop design and attention to detail. Every ounce of effort is being put into making the Orcs and Elves look right at home in their apparel.

Shooting Style – Peter Jackson has gone back and looked at what was done right in the old films, he has made a renewed effort to use what worked in the past to keep costs down on the current movies. He wants to get the most bang for his buck. He has also developed multiple new styles of filming to ease the use of CGI in the films.

DVD Edtion – Hell yeah! It’s going to be a whopper!