Xoanon here,

Joram over at Ringbearer.org found an interesting piece of news. Although I strongly warn that this company could be working on any number of films in NZ, and maybe not Lord Of The Rings.

‘Mia’ has sent me an interesting piece of information, it seems like she may have found what company will be doing the snow effects for the Caradhras scene:

“Watching Sky TV’s news channel, I saw a report on “Snow Business”, an English firm specialised in creating artificial snow for films and such. They are said to have over 140 different types of snow, etc., but that’s not what caught my attention – it was this sentence:

“… ‘Nothing Hill’ (the ‘winter’ scenes are done by Snow Business – the snowy Portobello Road) was a relatively easy job for a team that will soon be going off to New Zealand to make a few avalanches in artificial snow”.

It looks like Caradhras is going to make it on the Big Screen. First the composition artwork and now this piece of related information! My thanks to ‘Mia’ for an excellent sleuthing ability and a nose for the news!