Xoanon here,

With all the additons that we are making to the site. we find that the 4 of us are needing another person to lighten the load. So we come right out and ask: ‘wanna work for us?’

What we are looking for are Tolkien book know-it-alls, I mean real high calibre stuff. If you know everything there is to know, have some spare time, and want to work with us, let us know.

Please note that you will not be a full partner, you will not have access to the news or email or scoops or anything like that (needless to say you will not get paid) but you will have your own Tolkien Literary Section, we do not yet know exactly what we want in the section, but if you are a Tolkien know-it-all, they we are looking for you.

You also must be a skillful writer who is responsable, can work late hours, have an excellent grasp of the english language, and work as a team.

I will only accept interested people who call me on the phone (sorry if you live quite far) you must have access to a computer (duh) and ICQ, THIS IS MANDITORY. You may call me any time, day or night leave a message if there is no answer, and in the message BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR e-mail address.

Exciting times eh?! so if this sounds like you. give me a ring!

(514)947-5221 Xoanon (Zo-Ann-On)