Our newest super spy Yaada Yaada has filed me in on some news concerning production. The big YY works on the ‘inside’ of one of the production companies. I trust his/her word, and you should too, look at what she/he has to say!

YY filed me in, he/she told me that the fight co-ordinator was shown a few of the swords used by many of the main characters! she/he said that all the hero swords look really good and very realalistic. Not too

frilly and are real heavy, they are real except for not being sharp.

When I asked about Sting, YY told me he/she didn’t see it, she/he assumes that Alan (Reed) hasn’t finished working on it yet. YY also comented that Gandalfs sword is cool..very majestic without being frilly..you know you could actually see it as a useable sword not a prop or dress occation sword.

He/she also filled me in that there is little word on casting so far.

She/he told me that he/she has had a look at some of the ‘miniatures’ to be used.(Xoanon note: I’m not too sure if YY means miniatures as in models they will film to pretend it’s a certain place, or simply models they plan to make life size)YY says that Lorien is more lovely than she/he would have ever imagined, the minature is very large. The trees are some of the biggest props ever to be molded, there are some of the oldest trees in the world in NZ, thousands of years old but the public is not allowed near them because the root system gets messed up. Lorien is so dreamy, Barad-dur is another huge “minature” there will be cg stuff in all areas but they always build the real thing. The word minature dosn’t fit anymore, some of them are so big they have too work out complex ways to

break them down and structures that will hold up such things.

If everything sounds as good as Yaada Yaada tells me, we are in for a treat!