Xoanon here,

In a bizzare twist Tehanu has chimed in with a report from Auckland. Lloyd was seen at a small cafe reading a film script. A waitress noticed him from afar, she was 100% sure that it was Lloyd.

Given the boom in the NZ film industry it’s not guaranteed that any actor reading any script in or around NZ is guarranteed to be Lord of the Rings, but hey…that’s our job.

Lloyd next film ‘Interstate 60’, which according to Redeemable Features Home Page is an off-beat road movie about a young man’s search for answers along a highway that doesn’t exist on any map, an odyssey that puts him together with numerous off-the-wall characters in some very unusual towns. Gale describes the film as “a trip through life with the volume turned up to 20.”
Sounds like a NZ film to you?