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Half of this report comes from Cinescape, the other half is also from Cinescape, but it was emailed directly to me by Cinescape Insider Chris Kivlehan, enjoy!

Christian Joining ‘Rings’?

It’s often mentioned that The Lord of the Rings was an influence on J. Michael Straczynski’s Babylon 5 television series. According to rumors, B5 could have an influence on the Lord of the Rings movie. Ain’t It Cool News ran a report recently that suggested that actress Claudia Christian said at a sci-fi convention that she had been cast in the three Lord of the Rings movies. Seeking confirmation, the Insider placed a call to Christian’s representatives. Unfortunately, I was informed that it is “just a rumor”, and not true as far as they are aware.

More On Izabella

Cinescape has learned that the movie Scorupco was refering to is Vertical Limit, the next action film from Mask of Zorro director Martin Campbell. For details check out www.cinescape.com. Thought you might want to update your readers on that bit.